Drive is the skill used to operate vehicles and ride animals.

By default, Drive allows you to operate civilian ground vehicles and ride horses. Familiarity with more exotic forms of transport require an appropriate aspect.

Overcome: Drive is the equivalent of Athletics when you’re in a vehicle or riding an animal—you use it to successfully accomplish movement in the face of difficult circumstances, like rough terrain, small amounts of clearance, or stunt riding. Obviously, Drive is also ripe for contests, especially chases and races.

Create an Advantage: You can use Drive to determine the best way to get somewhere in a vehicle or while riding, and a good enough roll might allow you to learn features of the route that get expressed as aspects, or declare that you know a Convenient Shortcut or something similar.

You can also just read the Athletics description, and then make it about a vehicle. Advantages created using Drive often revolve around getting good positioning, doing a fancy maneuver, or putting your opponent in a bad spot.

Defend: Avoiding damage to a vehicle or ridden animal in a physical conflict is one of the most common uses of Drive. You can also use it to defend against advantages being created against you or overcome actions of someone trying to move past you in a vehicle or ridden animal.

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